Lake Wakatipu

Lake Wakatipu
View of Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Larnach Castle on a Rainy Day

We took the opportunity to show Sister Anderson & Sister Dial Larnach Castle the week of Sister Anderson's transfer. We have been to the castle before, but never in the rain. Today, the weather dealt us lemons..... we made lemonade!! 

Sister Anderson (left) & Sister Dial on the front steps.
We got to go down a stairway we hadn't used before because of remodeling.
The beautiful fireplace in the dining room.
The intricate overhead woodwork surrounding the chandelier.
A movie in the basement tells the story of Larnach Castle.
Group photo with Mr. Larnach.
Sister Dial had a chance to fill the parlor with some church songs.
Sister Anderson relaxes in the dining room.
Let's plan a dinner party!
An attempt at striking the same pose..... pretty close, I think.
Sister Dial in the magic mirror.
Sister Anderson looking at the ghost in the smaller mirror on the left.
A new missionary flat?
Always amazing stairway.
A lighter moment between the photographer and the sisters.
Stairway up the turret.
The sisterhood strikes a pose in the rain.
Wouldn't trade this experience for anything!!
Now for some umbrella photos.....
..... in the garden with Alice.....
The name-tag plant.
..... in the gazebo.....
There is a harbor there somewhere.
..... are they facing forward or backward? .....
..... Sister Dial getting her ears blown off by the rabbit .....
..... or getting their umbrellas blown away .....
..... confusion!! .....
..... how many umbrella photos was that? .....
How about keeping the castle from getting too much rain.
Sister Anderson decided to remain standing at the Queen of Hearts chair.
Sister Dial also decided the chair was a little too wet.
Sister Dial beside her new Tiki-head friend.

Elephant Rocks

Duntroon, outside of Oamaru, is an area where a large private pasture is known as Elephant Rocks for the massive limestone formations scattered about. The site is famous for being Aslan's camp in The Chronicles of Narnia. The owners allow public access through a gate. We enjoyed a stroll around the site with our missionary friends turned tour guides, Elder & Sister Osburn.

No question which pasture contained Elephant Rocks. Disclaimer: None of the rocks actually looked like an elephant!
Golf balls ricocheting like pinballs would be challenging with these big rocks on a golf course.
Sister Edward is ready to introduce the different rock formations to you.
We can only imagine the fun our grandkids would have here.
Is this a dog or a bird? .....or something else?
Several creatures come to mind!
A very calm and relaxing place to visit.
..... soon to be featured in The Chronicles of Elder & Sister Edward.
An abandoned movie set at the far end of the pasture.
The movie "Kingdom Come" went bankrupt before filming started. This is one of two movie sets slated for demolition.
"Thank you for your support!"